Mobile Website Solutions

AEPL Creation have the expertise and experience to offer custom website design for corporate, small business and other organizations. With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet on their handhelds, it is important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites.

Five Reasons Why Mobile Website Development

In today's world with the growing mobile user base we need to keep the pace with technology and reach our customers effectively and efficiently. The information is the key thing that makes our customers reach us, the more we are flexible in making the information about our services reach our customers, the more we stand tall in the competition.

Here are the basic five reasons why your business needs to exist on the mobile technology world:

Target Audience Mapping Information Prioritization

Why at all Mobile Website is required?

The very fundamental question comes to our mind is that aaseperate website for the mobile devices. Let us help you with the answer question for you here - When you open your website via Safari on your iPhone or the Internet Browser on your BlackBerry or the Browser from your Android device - you will see that your website does not look like what it is supposed to look like. It actually completely disfigures your website in the first instance. You might not see that central Flash or the fancy AJAX or Java Scripts that make your website look contemporary.

The following are the issues that will iritate you on such situations:

  • Broken Images
  • Disjoint content blocks. No continuity of content
  • Flash Elements shown as blank spaces
  • Dropdown menus not opening out
  • Information not legible or too small
  • Very Slow to download

So we understand that it's not the right way to reach your customers. Right?

The reason being your website is not designed for a Mobile Screen which is much smaller than the normal computers where we are comfortable browing the websites. So effectively because you keep trying to fit in a lot of stuff that is usually viewed on a Laptop or PC screen - the screen is chaotic and random. A mobile website is custom built for a Mobile Phone Screen and address all resolution issues to give a neat and clean interface where the conetent is enjoyed by the users.

A mobile site thus has the following advantages -

  • Made for a Mobile Phone screen. Completely compatible for all Mobile browsers.
  • Navigation structure is more user-friendly and intuitive. Further the content is more focussed for 'quick access'. E.g. Phone number, Location map etc.
  • Content is legible in the first instance without having to either zoom or figure out how to navigate.
  • Substitutes for Flash, AJAX and Java Scripts (E.g. Drop Menus) as these don't work on most Pre-installed Browsers on Mobiles.
  • Download time is optimized as the mobile site is built on a lighter technology.

Now that a lot of people are actually searching and browsing websites via a Mobile phone - A Mobile Version for your website is must. A mobile website that will be designed and developed for a mobile phone screen which is about 1/6th in size.

Worldwide Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Grrowth Rate

Platforms Most Used By Consumers as well as Mobile Developers in late 2011

Mobile Application Developments

If you are looking to build or already have an Interactive Web based Application that needs to be enabled for a Mobile phone -You are thinking of the future!

So if you offer a Dashboard for your users online or sell products online or simply offer informational services like being a Classifieds business - You can't miss being accessible via a Mobile Phone. A lot of people are now accessing the Web (and hence your Application) via their Mobile Phone. Mobile Applications are accessed via the Mobile phone browser on a internet enabled device it may be a smart phone or any tablet pc.